Life imitates art … or is it the other way around?

Life imitates art - well, my book cover
Life imitates art – well, my book cover

I looked at these flowers this morning in my living room and realised just how closely they resembled the image I used on the ‘new and improved’ cover of my first novel – The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story. I bought them at the local farmers’ market on the weekend. Roses are so beautiful.

What I want to know is  – how do you combine a full time career – I’m a publisher of magazines for Yaffa Media – with the burning desire to get out there and promote my book and be a full time writer! Any ideas! Neglect my poor husband maybe? Don’t cook dinner and send out for pizza instead – we haven’t done that in years!

A couple of reviews have been posted on and on – very positive. I was so delighted really because as a first time novelist, I need the feedback to tell me I’ve written something worthwhile. Now I know I have to do book 2 and book 3, because it will take that long to tell the whole story.

All advice welcome as to how to balance the two worlds……..

One thought on “Life imitates art … or is it the other way around?”

  1. You write a lil here and a lil there… I always have a pencil/pen and a notebook nearby so when I go to lunch/break should my characters start talking, I have somewhere to put their words into… if that doesn’t work, I use the voice recorder feature on my cell.

    Then, after work and dinner and whatever, I transpose. It takes longer than if you were a fulltime all bills paid by writing writing but it’s not impossible, just a little… difficult. 🙂

    Did that help? I’m a writer/author too and like you, my story can’t be told in one book. I’m currently “stuck” on book 4, I feel your pain.

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