J Mary Masters … now Judith Masters

HoS JuliasStoryFC
Book 2 will have a whole new look … and author name ….

I’ve been a bit quiet in the past few months. I have to blame pressure of my day job and being ill (bad virus for several weeks).

But I’ve been beavering away on the second instalment of my Belleville family saga, although not as fast as I would like.

I have to confess it won’t be out this year, but early next year.

I’ve also decided to ‘rebrand’ …… I couldn’t initially get judithmasters.com and judithmasters.com.au when I tried …. hence the rather unusual combination for my author name.

But I’ve secured those domain names now and have decided that future books and writing will be under the name Judith Masters, which is easier to handle, I think.

And this blog is now judithmasters

And my Twitter handle is now @judithmmasters

Writing fiction is the best sort of fun because the writer really is the puppet master although I can’t have my characters do things that are out of character, so to speak.

The second book will tie up most of the loose ends that the first book left up in the air.

I warn you – there will be some shocks, some resolution and some tears …….. 

I’ll keep in touch ….. and announce Book 2 when publication is near.


And for anyone on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, I will be at this book event:

The Pop-Up Book Shop
Sunday 6th November
10am – 1pm

Caloundra Powerboat Club
2 Lamerough Parade
Golden Beach

Hope to see you there if you are a local …..


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