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A little bit of publicity in my home town ….

I thought I would share this story, published today, in The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin.


This article explains much about the background to my first novel The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story and the early influences in my life.

The photos are from my own family album.

It took some persistence to get the interview with the journalist …. turning up at the reception counter at the newspaper proved to be the way to do it.

For readers anxious for book 2 in my Belleville family saga, I promise big progress will be made in the Christmas break (I have a couple of weeks off from my day job).

Merry Christmas to all of my readers who celebrate the festive season, as I do with my family.

The hard graft begins: my hairdresser is stocking my book!

So, I’m getting seriously stuck in to getting my book The House of Secrets, Julia’s Story out and about and in the hands of readers – and reassuring those who have read it that the next book is well and truly under way.

I was thinking about it just now. I have to say there are many parallels between establishing a successful magazine and getting my first novel out there in the hands of the reading public.

Back in the early 1990s I had an idea for a magazine in the defence business sector in Australia – it took me a few years to get it established but today it is the market leader in its field. We publish monthly with weekly premium newsletters and a directory of suppliers plus host four major conferences a year. But I remember the early days when everyone was very discouraging and said ‘it won’t work’, ‘we don’t need what you’re offering’ etc etc. Only I believed.

I thought: well that’s what it’s like now. I have written a book that I am satisfied with, that the early readers say they really like and I know exactly who my reading audience is.

So I’m putting all my skills to work to reach that audience directly, bypassing the major publishers who can’t see the ‘wood for the trees’.

Have you ever thought of buying a book in the hairdressing salon you go to? Probably not, but my hairdresser Kelly has agreed to take some copies to sell to her clients, on commission of course. This is business after all.

So I’ll keep you updated on the success of my unorthodox marketing methods. In my opinion, wherever my target market gather in numbers, that’s where my book will be …… over the coming months, I’ll let you know if that strategy works!

Well, that was fun while it lasted …..

I had a bit of downtime today in my day job so I set out to explore promotional opportunities on Amazon.com for my book.

OK, I thought, I’ll do a giveaway. That’s easy. Invest a few dollars and see where that takes me. I opted for a small number of giveaways and it was all over in what seemed like seconds.

By the time I’d logged on to Twitter to promote it, it was all over.

Well I’m happy for the readers who will get a free book courtesy of the giveaway – which was the intention – but I did think I’d get a little more exposure.

C’est la vie.

P.S. I’ve got a countdown deal on Kindle for e-book readers – maybe that will help my exposure to readers.

Life imitates art … or is it the other way around?

Life imitates art - well, my book cover
Life imitates art – well, my book cover

I looked at these flowers this morning in my living room and realised just how closely they resembled the image I used on the ‘new and improved’ cover of my first novel – The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story. I bought them at the local farmers’ market on the weekend. Roses are so beautiful.

What I want to know is  – how do you combine a full time career – I’m a publisher of magazines for Yaffa Media – with the burning desire to get out there and promote my book and be a full time writer! Any ideas! Neglect my poor husband maybe? Don’t cook dinner and send out for pizza instead – we haven’t done that in years!

A couple of reviews have been posted on Amazon.com and on Goodreads.com – very positive. I was so delighted really because as a first time novelist, I need the feedback to tell me I’ve written something worthwhile. Now I know I have to do book 2 and book 3, because it will take that long to tell the whole story.

All advice welcome as to how to balance the two worlds……..

Read my book for FREE online ….

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve made my book available FREE OF CHARGE – LINK HERE

This format does require some patience. Otherwise I’ve reduced the price on Amazon.com and Kindle – and also it’s available to Australian readers on www.pmabooks.com – also on special this month.

The House of Secrets

Sleepless night, light bulb moment, changing my first book’s title ……

OK, so I said I was getting the cover of my first novel The House of Secrets re-designed .

And then I started thinking about the limitations of the title – it isn’t a horror book or a spine tingler – and I came to the decision that the title wasn’t right.

I’m not going to reveal yet what the new title is, in case I change my mind again. (I can just see all those men nodding knowingly.)

So I spent most of yesterday evening trawling stock image sites for a suitable image – and I think I’ve found something suitable.

Downtown Abbey couldn’t even drag me away from my search! So watch this space!

The House of Secrets: Belleville Family saga Book 1: Over 350 Kindle downloads ….

Well, I had over 350 Kindle downloads of my book during my FREE period.

I don’t know whether that’s good (good numbers) or bad (because I don’t get any $$$). Still, I want people to read my book. In fact you can see it all for free at this link – but I think it needs patience to read it in this version.

Now, the other big news is that …. no, I haven’t been offered a big contract …… I decided to re-design the cover. I wasn’t happy with it because my book is a family saga/romance and the cover looked a little spooky, so my graphic designer is working on it.

A new cover should appear in a day or so. It is going to be very very different. …….

But if you can’t wait for the new look –  the content will be the same. You can buy it from Amazon.com – link here

I’m still working away at my day job ….. where I am a publisher (but in the magazine world).