More tiny steps for this novelist …

RockylibraryI am really looking forward to tomorrow …… I’ll be up early to catch the 8.25am flight to the city of my birth (Rockhampton in Queensland). Rocky, as it is mostly known, sits just above the Tropic of Capricorn on the eastern seaboard of Australia. It’s hot in summer.

The local regional library invited me to participate in their ‘local author day’. I qualified, not because I live there now, but I was born there back around the dawn of time (well, not actually but it sometimes feels like it).

Australian towns and cities and even smaller communities have a wonderful network of publicly-funded local libraries and bless them, they are buying my book for their readers. Yeah!

Rocky, of course, is heavily featured in my book – although not by name. Some of the places are real – St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral (my sister got married there with me trailing behind as a 12 year old), the Criterion Hotel (we had my sister’s engagement party there), and the hospital (I was born there).

It’s fun including real places in a fictional story. I find it helps ground the events and ideas.

I’ve co-opted at least one of my cousins to put in an appearance at the library so at least I’ll have a friendly face in what I hope is a crowd.

I’ll let you know how it goes ……

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