A very classy female detective …. In fact the best-dressed female detective ever

Perhaps the hallmark of success for a writer is having an exhibition of clothes designed especially for your main character who first of all existed in your imagination on the pages of a novel you didn’t know for sure anyone would read, let alone publish.

Australian historical detective fiction writer Kerry Greenwood has had this singular honour ….. With her Phryne Fisher character being brought into flesh and blood by the excellent actress Essie Davis, in the ABC’s Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries series that was recently broadcast. 

If sometimes the action seemed a bit improbable in 1920s Melbourne, we had the consolation of the wardrobe designer’s excellent interpretation of 1920s fashion, much of which was on display at special exhibition at Old Government House in Brisbane – a perfect location for it.

The intricate detail of the clothes … Some of which were made from vintage fabric from the era ….. Was incredible. 

Here is a character that might well have given the detectives of the Golden Age of crime writing in England a run for their money. She is rich, beautiful, spirited, sexually adventurous, loyal to her friends, but above all, an independent woman who knows her own mind. 

A piece of television drama that was pure escapism and pure delight!

Now, having been out most of the day, it’s time I committed some words to the page …..

Stepping out to solve a murder
A beautiful little number
Just a little something from Phryne Fisher’s wardrobe
From the Phryne Fisher wardrobe from the TV series
What the smart lady detective wore in the 1920s

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